Thursday, October 6, 2016

Wishing, Planning & The Move

Almost two years have passed since Nancy & I came up with a crazy idea of living the RV life full time. There was much discussion with our friends from London, Canada who also made the decision to sell it all and hit the road.  After looking around at our current life, it was obvious that this was not going to be an easy task. We had to decide to sell the house or keep it as a home base, what to do with all of our 44 years of accumulation of not only our own family belongings but inherited items from my parents, Nancy's parents and an Uncle who lived with us for several years. We made the decision to sell and find a place for all of our "stuff". This was probably the hardest thing we (I) had to deal with. I held several garage sales, made good friends with the folks at Good Will, convinced friends and family that they needed many items that we had.  In the end I had to take a really hard core attitude about what was worth keeping and what should be discarded. They say that once you are done downsizing you will have a feeling of accomplishment and a sense of freedom from getting rid of all the "baggage". I have mixed feelings so far. I am glad to have de-cluttered my life but some of my interests demanded space and inventory such as wood or metal working. I will have to adjust my hobbies and interests to my new environment.

Early August came and the unthinkable happened. We had a buyer for the house and reality was hitting as to what course we were taking.  By mid September the negotiations were over, the house emptied after a estate auction and some boxes and "plan B" furniture was stored away. More on plan B later. All that remained in our home of over 15 years were empty rooms and fresh paint patches on the walls where pictures once hung that chronicled our family and interests. Bitter sweet at best. The closing on the house came and went on September 30th and we found our self at a RV park in Belvedere, IL. We stored a few pieces of furniture, pictures and personal items to use in a residence if we decide to create a home base or if health makes the decision for us. Either way we have enough to get a house hold set up which our plan B.

One of the things we are leaving behind are the wonderful experiences  and friends we have made during our time living on Lake Antioch. This neighborhood is one of the most unusual places I have ever lived. I have so enjoyed being a part of the Friends of Lake Antioch HOA and the closeness of the neighbors with all of the lake events, Thursday night tacos and friendly waves as you pass through the neighborhood. I will truly miss this the most.

On October 15th, we will be pulling out of Belvedere and begin to wind our way South until we park our rig in Las Vegas. We will stay there until the end of March and then begin our snow bird migration back North for the Summer. There will be stops in Kansas City, and Albuquerque on the way to Vegas so that will fill the two weeks of travel. Stay tuned for stories from the road in the next blog.


  1. I am in awe of you two!!! Happy trails to you and I hope you have a wonderful journey!!! ( and I look forward to seeing many many more blogs :-)

  2. Thanks for committing to writing about your experiences. I look forward to hearing about your life on the road.

  3. Ken and Nancy, we've known you for shy of 6 years and have to admit that we've never seen such a complete turn around about this decision. We are thrilled to have you join your crazy friends from London, Ontario, Canada .........we're not so crazy after all!!! Love that you are writing a blog and we will be avid readers.

  4. We'll be keeping you on our Sidebar and hope to see how you like this Lifestyle in your upcoming blogs.
    Many people get discouraged thinking they have nothing to write about when they are not traveling. This Lifestyle is everyday life but many that will read your posts can and will travel using only your words. Don't ever feel that you are alone because you have now joined a Blogger Family and it is endless and Worldwide.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.